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The Florida Bicycle Association, Inc. is a membership-based 501c3 non-profit organization.
We mobilize volunteers and partners to help make Florida better for people who want to bicycle and for people who need to bicycle.

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I used to be a member and my membership expired. I don't remember my user name and password.
If your membership has expired and you don't remember your logon information, please do one of the following:
Click on member login and follow the link for forgot your password.  If we have your current email address on file, you will be sent a password reminder that will allow you to log on and renew.
If you don't receive an email, contact the membership director.  Please specify the email address to be used.  Your profile, if found will be updated with your new email address and your password will be reset manually.
If you try and renew as a new member and we have an expired membership record for you, you will be directed to contact the  membership director for assistance.

If you are still not receiving email for the club, be sure to check your spam folders.

I forgot my password

If you forget your login information, click on member login on the front page, located on top of the menu.  Cick Forgot My Username/Password and follow the instructions.


If you are still having an issue, click on the help link titled "Trouble logging in? Click here for assistance" directly below the forgot password link.


Still having a problem?  Please contact the Membership Dircetor.

I clicked Remember me on this computer on the logon screen, and now no one else can log in.

To undo the saving of a password members can login click Profile, and under Website, select username and password.

Uncheck the remember me option, type your current password twice as a security precaution, click the save  button and then logout.

I signed up as a Family membership, but I can't see how to add my family members to the membership.

Log on to the site and then click on Profile.
Then under Personal Info, click on Additional Members in Your Account.

Use the Add link to add a secondary and/or child member.

Update all required informaion.

Click Save to save this new member. After clicking Save when a secondary member is added, the system will show you the username and password assigned to that member. Write this information down and give it to the secondary member.  When the secondary memberlogs in, he or she can change this information by going to the Profile screen.